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  1. Treasure Hunt is an informal guide for those who love thrifting
  2. Treasure Hunt has tips and tricks that can help you both save money and protect the environment, by doing great finds at flea markets and other places where you can shop second hand. The book is written by experienced thrifter Theresa Marie Sperre, and her advice is based on 30 years of experience with buying and selling second hand items. The experienced thrifters among us will probably snicker knowingly while reading the book, and for newbie thrifters this is a simple and easy introduction to the world of thrifting and second hand buying and selling.

  3. Treasure Hunt will be available in three e-book formats (ePub, Mobi and Pdf) 75 NOK and paperback 125 NOK.

  4. Pre-orders (Norway) by Vipps to 104260 - MobilePay 57342 or bank transfer to account 15039060431

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